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"Laura New [is a] flawless performer and gave the show entertainment and a great amount of sexiness (and balloons)"

- a younger theater

" A Damn Good Time"

             - Timeout Sydney

"Dancer Laura New, a standout star of the show, performs a hilarious bubble-popping routine to a cover of Dead Kennedys' Too Drunk to F---,  an appetiser for the ant

ics to come."

- Sydney Morning Herald

"Beautiful Dancing, its mesmorizing. Perfect! perfect! perfect!"

- Heidi Klum (Americas Got Talent)

"There’s plenty of talent in this cast... mesmerizing dancer and comedic artist Laura New"

- Las Vegas Sun

"Laura New is a masterclass in making average choreography look sensational. While it is difficult to imagine she finds any of the moves challenging, she makes each routine absolutely pop. Her solo routine Too Drunk to F*** is also a massive highlight."

- Brisbane Times

...dancer extraordinaire.

- Broadway World

"Laura New... Australia’s own, execute[s] an array of moves that have you at a loss for words"

- AU Review

"...the sublime Laura New dancer whose skills could pass for any other naughty moves. This American with fiery hips and honey voice is unquestionably the major argument which will blow up the champagne bottle caps throughout your evening."e performance.

- Le Petit Journal

"If Baz Luhrmann made a nightclub this would be it"

                                        - Timeout

"Laura New was a sexy and sassy actress, whose ability to inject pure joy into the production had no limits."

- Whats On London

"Your technique as dancers is just equisite. Your beautiful to watch. Just beautiful...I loved it!"

- Mel B (Americas Got Talent)

"Not only was it phenomenal dance...every emotion, it was wonderful..[laura] you, young lady [were] so sexy..."

- Howie Mandel (Americas Got Talent)

"Other highlights include...the fun antics of Laura New especially her balloon popping dress." e performance.

- Carn's Theatre Passion

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